Integreco and Global GreenTag Present at Greenbuild in Washington DC

Integreco’s David Baggs and Martin Pinson presented, in mid-November, at the Greenbuild Conference in Washington DC. Greenbuild is the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to green building, bringing together industry-leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to green building products and design. This year nearly 20,000 people attended the four day conference extravaganza!

This year, Integreco and Global GreenTag undertook a joint presentation titled “Using 'Beyond LCA' Metrics to Drive Net Positive Buildings”. The focus of the presentation was to demonstrate the need for metrics that allow us to measure the progress towards ‘true sustainability’ across the whole built environment from products to buildings to cities. We currently measure with tools such as ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ (LCA) which focus on the negative impacts of materials but don’t show us the positive ecological system benefits of certain products or building techniques.

Life Cycle Benefit Analysis (LCBA) can help measure processes that re-constitute ecological services and generate health benefits, and this measurement is needed desperately across the product and building industries. For example, we need to quantify and reward (using a positive life-cycle basis) things like oxygen-generation, clean water production, VOC-absorption, pollution reduction, food production, healthy soil creation and so on. Indeed, these metrics can be essential in identifying how developments can contribute to ecological services and healthy environments.

Integreco have used the benefits of this “beyond LCA” analysis is various design and consulting projects of their own. For example, the analysis of the Cape Tribulation House by m3architecture, incorporated the use of “Life Cycle Benefit Analysis” (LCBA) rather than the conventional “Life Cycle Impact Analysis” (LCIA). The LCBA study identified certain timbers which would assist the stunning architectural design achieve a very minimal ecological impact and carbon footprint, through the numerous ecological and carbon-sequestration benefits of the sustainably-harvested timber species. This project was recently commended in the ‘Sustainability’ category of the Houses Awards  presented by Houses magazine and can be seen at the link below:

Greenbuild was the brainchild of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which was co-founded by CEO Rick Fedrizzi, Mike Italiano, and David Gottfried in 1993. The USGBC, like the GBCA in Australia, is a membership-based and non-profit organisation that promotes sustainability in buildings design, construction, and operation. The USGBC is best known for its development of the ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) green building rating systems and, of course, its annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.

Thank you Romilly Madew, CEO of GBCA for posting this photo on Twitter in November from @GreenBuild USA with some of the turn out from Australia, including (right to left) Martin Pinson CEO Integreco Consulting, David Baggs - CEO Global GreenTag, Jorge Chapa - GBCA's Executive Director Market Transformation, Paulo Bevilacqua from Fraser's Property Group,  Anita Mitchell from Lend Lease and Paul Edwards from Mirvac.