Blue Economy

More good=blue economyThe future of the quality of life on our ‘blue planet’ depends on us re-imagining how we live, make, use and dispose of ‘stuff’. The ‘stuff’ that makes up all the elements of our disparate, global lifestyles and practices. How do we manage not only to survive but also continue to prosper while bringing billions of others out of poverty?

The Blue Economy is a business and societal response to environmental, resource and social challenges. It is not sustainability as you know it. It is about finding ‘disruptive’ new ways for industry and people to work within the natural systems, promoting and using cyclic, systemic, biomimicry-based regenerative processes that massively reduce impacts and consumption. More importantly, simultaneously restoring nature, all while dramatically reducing costs, maintaining profits and securing happiness and wellbeing.

Conceptually, the Green Economy has focussed on reducing impacts on the environment. The Blue Economy takes a step further and seeks to find multiple levels of synergistic benefits between diverse manufacturing processes to yield massive increases in efficiencies, and to regenerate lost natural and social capital.

How do we get there? Well another of the keys is re-imagining how we do things by using a practice known as Integrative Design Practice or IDP. IDP unlocks the boundaries on ‘Business as Usual’ and divines multiple, simultaneous, systemic synergies to deliver the sort of ‘Factor 10’ outcomes that will be the minimum economy-wide enhancement required by the Blue Economy.                                                                                    

As Aristotle remarked more than two thousand years ago:

‘True wealth is the use of things, not their possession’.

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The 3-minute video below provides more insight as to what the Blue Economy is about: