Integreco has collaborated once again with Billbergia and Scott Carver to design an industry-leading development at Wentworth Point Marinas: Marina Square. Indeed, the latest BASIX and thermal comfort re-assessments have excelled, well beyond the compliance targets.

High-performance double-glazing has been proposed by Billbergia once again (to optimise both summer and winter performance). Other passive thermal comfort techniques have also been creatively used, such as airtight winter gardens, shading devices, natural ventilation, generous insulation and thermal mass.

This intelligent combination of passive design strategies achieved approximately 6 stars, for the average thermal comfort (NatHERS) rating. Furthermore, 25% of the dwellings scored 7 stars or better. The BASIX tool will permit developments in Sydney to pass with an average NatHERS rating as low as 3.5 stars, so these results are well beyond what is required (and what is being built) elsewhere in Sydney.. 

These excellent thermal comfort scores have also typified Billbergia's projects in the past and it shows Billbergia’s strong commitment to high environmental performance. In particular, the Wentworth Point projects have scored around 6 stars or above, on average, for the thermal comfort (NatHERS) ratings.  

Marina Square also features efficient fixtures, fittings, appliances and central systems, for both water and energy. These have helped to achieve both energy and water scores in excess of the required BASIX targets. This will mean low water and energy bills for residents and drastically reduced infrastructure and environmental impacts.

Wentworth Point Marinas: Marina Square will comprise a 25 storey tower in the Southern corner, a 20 storey tower to the East and perimeter buildings ranging between 6 and 8 storeys high. The building will contain a retail centre of approximately 12,000 m2 and approximately 780 apartments. The latest details of the development can be viewed at Billbergia’s website: