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Ecospecifier Global

Ecospecifier GlobalEcospecifier is the sister company of Integreco. Until 2012, Integreco went  under the the name of 'Ecospecifier Consulting'. Prior to this the practice was variously known as Natural Integrated Living Pty Ltd, Holos Consulting Pty Ltd and before that David Baggs and Associates Pty Ltd.

Ecospecifier is a knowledge base of over 6000 eco-products, materials,  technologies and resources. It is the leading global source of sustainable,  life-cycle assessed, green product information including global and national products (and certified and building rated products).

Linking independent information with a powerful search interface, Ecospecifier does your materials research for homeowners and professionals alike, delivering innovative sustainable product solutions.
Ecospecifier promotes all eco products globally and nationally and specialising in categorising products according to rating scheme compliance such as Green Star and BASIX.  Ecospecifier helps reduce the time and costs of researching the world best sustainable products.

Global GreenTag

Global GreenTag was launched in 2010 borne by the requests of many manufacturers for a choice in green pr

oduct Certification in Australia. GreenTag is Australia's only ACCC Approved product Certification Mark in the built environment sector and also certifies products in the interiors, personal, beauty, cleaning, hygiene, paper and packaging and commercial consumables sectors.

Global GreenTagCertTM is a world first, third-party Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), which is:

  • Australian Federal Government agency (ACCC) approved National Certification Mark;
  • An externally verified ISO 14024 compliant ecolabel;
  • Green Building Councils of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa recognised certifier that rates prooducts using life-cycle assessment (LCA) with ‘cradle to end-of-life-fate’ scope of eco-preferred products and technologies;
  • An Australian developed system with a global focus, comprised of two independent rating systems GreenRate and LCARate, which together comprise of the full GreenTag certification
  • An Authorised Verifier for the Malaysian Government GreenTech Corporation My HIJAU ecolabel.

be sustainable 

be sustainable® is a group of companies specialising in the areas of sustainability consulting, project implementation and financing. The companies are headed by some of the world’s leading experts in sustainability, who have joined together with a vision to create transformational change and build a more successful, profitable and sustainable future for all.

The be sustainable® group has links into a broader network of knowledge, institutions and academia, including global universities and the ‘top 100 technological innovations that can change the world’ through Labs and Research.

EC3 Global 

Integreco has employees trained as EarthCheck® auditors, for the assessment of sustainable hotels. EarthCheck® is the world's largest certifier of sustainable travel and tourism operators. With more than 1300 clients in over 70 countries, the company's EarthCheck program responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet.

EC3 Global and Ecospecifier Global, two heavyweights in the certification industry internationally, have also formed a unique alliance to assist the tourism industry harness its green purchasing power and help reduce its carbon footprint.

Ecospecifier specialises in performing Carbon and Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) on materials and products and certifies these using their Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) based Global Green Tag® eco-product rating system.

A central objective of the alliance is to put science and rigour behind the rating of green products and services. This will provide international hotel groups, convention centres and leisure developments with surety that the products they are purchasing are aligned with their commitment to carbon mitigation.


Green For Retail

 GreenForRetailLogo_01072009.jpgFuture proof your business and generate green return on investment.  Green for Retail can bring the following benefits to your business:

- Drive innovation and efficiency
- Facilitate certification of your business, backed up by transparent account and robust international standards
- Provide a focus to engage stakeholders on issues that shape brand image
- Take a proactive approach to risk management
- Give your business a competitive advantage to stay ahead of competitors