Village Quay Community Rhodes

Integreco undertook Sustainability Consulting, Section J, Energy Ratings and BASIX assessments for Billbergia. The development performed extremely well since it features a sophisticated architectural design, efficient passive strategies, high-performance double-glazing and sustainable technologies. Overall, the project has achieved extremely high BASIX scores and an average BERS Pro rating of just under 6 stars. The project achieved high BASIX scores for water, due to its use of water tanks, low-water plants and the use of efficient fixtures, fittings and whitegoods. The predicted energy reductions were also very high due to efficient hot water, LED lights, compact fluoros, motion sensors, timers, Carbon Monoxide sensors, automated ventilation, natural lighting, natural ventilation and excellent thermal comfort (passive thermal design)


Village Quay Community, Rhodes (around 750 units) Billbergia in collaboration with SJB