Wentworth Point Marinas Stage 2-3

Wentworth Point Marinas Stage 2-3 Integreco have been engaged by Billbergia to work on all three stages of their exciting development, Wentworth Point Marinas. Stage 1 was completed December 2012 and Stage 2 (The Broadwater) is set for completion in 2014. Stage 3 is currently in planning, with an estimated completion date 2016.

The architecture of Wentworth Point Marinas is modern and unique, featuring pop-out winter gardens, open plan living and generous balconies. The apartments also boast extremely high environmental performance. This includes high reductions in water and energy use (verified by high BASIX scores) and excellent thermal comfort ratings, with averages over 6 stars

Wentworth Point Marinas (around 1,000 dwellings) Stage 2-3 – Billbergia, in collaboration with Scott Carver